Tokenized Community Development & Economic Inclusion

We are working with the Impact Oxygen Foundation using the iO2 protocol to develop real-world applications on blockchain to incentivize stakeholders to participate in last-mile data collection, consensus-based governance, and decentralized value transfer. We develop DApps and Smart Contracts that work with last-mile communities.

Economic Identity & Data Sovereignty

Decentralized Identity protocol fully integrated with Beneficiary Wallets and customizable Data Collection DApps, providing KYC/AML for developing markets reducing friction between programs and beneficiaries in remote regions, while protecting data ownership and identity.

Consensus for Community Stewardship & Growth

Governance mechanisms staking community preference data as votes, influencing how projects and funds land in their communities, determining metrics for success, providing ownership in projects, de-risking investments.

Blended Finance Token Economics

Smart contract-based social finance solutions to meet a vast array of social development needs, including conditional finance (equity), smart impact bonds (debt), direct giving (donation), or community vouchers (reserve).

Last-Mile Oracle Marketplace

Bringing 2.6 billion people into a decentralized information workforce, where people can be equitably compensated for sharing data, or request information needed to make better decisions.

MMCommunity and Yangon Municipality Government

Project Location: Myanmar

Project Content: Social Impact Bond in Yangon

Reference Person: Justin Lau (MMCommunity)

Organization Description:

MMCommunity (MMC) is a NGO registered in Myanmar, backed and supported by Yangon Municipality Government. MMC is the intermediary for Yangon Municipality Government to deploy social impact bonds to local community.

Services from SZC:

  • Data infrastructure building (oracle marketplace) *

Community currency engineering


Social finance smart contracts implementation, specify: crowd-funding smart contract and pay-for-success smart contract

User size:

up to 500,000 individuals from Yangon or Myanmar in general

Other notes:

SZC pilot the world’s first consensus SIB process in Myanmar in August 2018 with 100 community members. The scheme is to build playground for children. In that case, community member crowd-fund totally 5,000 USD. The project is current under construction and expected pay-back by the end of 2018.

Project Concept Note

Social impact bond (SIB) is a type of blended social finance to involve community participation financially to social development. In the Myanmar case, community members (as coop or municipality government) propose problem and solutions, crowd-fund within community and/or from external philanthropy to execute solutions. When outcome or impact of solution is validated, crowd-fund donation will be paid back by either another philanthropy or Yangon Government with or without interest.

As each of the SIB issued by community is relatively small, 5000 to 50,000 USD, blockchain solutions can dramatically lower the cost of bond management within a trustful environment. iO2 token plays important governance tokens role, to publish problems, consensus of solutions and SIB mechanism on blockchain. Intelligence agent network of iO2 validate impact and/or outcome collectively, to trigger smart contract for repayment. With this mechanism, community is able to manage their own community finance and community development. Moreover, they are able to share financial returns of development in their community.