Invest With Confidence

Shanzhai City offers pre-investment and post-investment solutions for investors and fund managers. We’ll customize a due-diligence solution for you that will help you assess your targets’ data generation ability, return potential and portfolio alignment. Or, we’ll develop a platform for monitoring the performance of existing investments. Features may include:

Deal portal

Keep track of multiple deals, ranked according to your preferences.

Customizable dashboard

Oversee your investment and project monitoring landscape with ease.

Community-engagement portal

Gather further information from project managers directly.

One-click reporting

Generate customized progress reports on invested projects with the touch of a button.

Collaborative theory of change table

Collaborate on program planning from a distance.

Near-real-time performance tracking

Monitor investment performance at any time, from anywhere.

Case in Progress: DVF and The Bivou

DVF is a Singapore-based impact investment fund that focuses on food safety, inclusive rural development and community trust building projects. To further its aims, DVF invests in The Bivou, an eco-adventure hotel and social tourism consultancy, located in Bodolo, a remote village near Lijiang in China’s Yunnan Province.

The Bivou’s plans are ambitious. Backed by DVF, it takes a direct financial stake in the village. Assistance will move into high gear once the hotel’s construction is completed in 2018. Plans include hospitality training and employment for villagers, business mentoring, education in agricultural best practices, and the cooperative sale of produce. Ultimately, the hotel aims to transform Bodolo from a single-product economy into a diversified producer of local agricultural goods, while preserving the village’s community tapestry.

The Problem

“The projects we select tend to be in rural areas,” said DVF Founder Louise Lai. “This means our ability to provide updates to investors and partners can be very inefficient.” Not only is local digital connectivity low, but villagers lack data literacy. This means that the only way for DVF to monitor The Bivou’s progress has been to visit the site directly.

The Solutions

Local villagers trained as field agents will use Shanzhai City’s field kit to collect data on their village’s 31 households directly, recording information that the villagers would otherwise be reluctant to provide to outsiders. Through the dashboard window, both DVF and The Bivou will receive up-to-date data on local employment, villager participation, village income changes, and local agricultural production. And, through the one-click reporting function, DVF can provide reports to its own stakeholders with ease.

While implementation is in progress, DVF already has great expectations. “Once we no longer have to visit the site so regularly, we are expecting significant savings in time and money, while the ease and transparency of the reporting function will allow us to interact confidently with our own investors and partners,” said Lai.