Solutions for social purpose organizations

Data is important to you, whether you use it to assess the progress of your social program, incentivize your beneficiaries, or inform your investors. Our custom data solutions will help you efficiently and cost-effectively collect and monitor the data you need. Features may include:

Data readiness index

Assess a project’s readiness to provide data to investors based on the quality of local infrastructure and data literacy levels.

Data collection field kit

Arm your field agents to collect data, online or offline, for centralized storage through our API.

Customizable project dashboard

Keep track of key project and beneficiary metrics through this simple interface.

Two-way feedback

Empower beneficiaries as you stay informed through automatic two-way feedback.

Near-real-time performance tracking

Monitor project metrics at any time, from anywhere.

Community engagement support

Benefit from our strategy and technical support services.

Case in Progress: CDRF

CDRF is a China-based public foundation and think tank that promotes good governance and social policy through evidence-based research, leadership training, forums and symposiums.

Through its China REACH program, CDRF provides early childhood socio-psychological, cognitive and physical development monitoring to rural households in Gansu, one of China’s poorest provinces. Many of the children CDRF tracks grow up without their parents, who have moved to urban areas to seek employment. China REACH also works closely with China’s health and education authorities, each of which has different data needs. This has raised the cost of data collection.

The Problem

China REACH relies on local “home visitors” to assess the children’s progress. In the past, these visitors have had to completely fill out lengthy paper surveys for each child or suffer a remuneration penalty, a process that has soured the relationship between the visitors and China REACH. Consequently, China REACH has received many hastily completed surveys with false or inaccurate data.

As an operator of multiple social programs, CDRF was also having difficulty assessing China REACH’s performance against that of other initiatives.

The Solutions

Shanzhai City developed a simple, customized field kit for China REACH based around a few priority project metrics, taking much guesswork out of data collection for home visitors. The kit even allows for collection of photographs that help program managers and other participating organizations track child development visually.

Home visitors can now collect data offline to save on mobile data charges. When a villager accesses the Internet, data is transmitted to China REACH as well as home visitors and participating beneficiaries. This allows home visitors and child guardians to participate in benchmarking, incentivizing data entry and reducing the need for the unpopular remuneration penalties.

The reporting solution also combines all child data into unique searchable and filterable profiles that can be viewed by both CDRF and its public sector partners.

Finally, to satisfy CDRF’s wider data-collection needs, Shanzhai City developed multiple dashboards with different levels of access. This unique interface allows CDRF and China REACH to assess program data on one hand and headline data from multiple CDRF programs on the other, allowing management to compare the progress of multiple initiatives.

Early Results

Although beta testing is ongoing, early results are highly promising. “The level of communication with the beneficiary and information we collect are amazing,” said a CDRF representative. “We also see benefits in raising local data literacy and promoting social inclusion. Thank you, Shanzhai City.”